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Am Me, Inc is a non-profit ministry headquartered in Summit, IL. We empower women in and around the Chicago, IL area, but our reach has extended nationwide. We want to do more than raise awareness. We want to act upon various forms of abuse against women by conducting workshops and delivering inspirational speeches. Our goal is to equip our beneficiaries with the knowledge and courage they need to feel strong and confident.

​Gain a better understanding of how our organization works to stop the prevalence of women's all source of abuse. Continue browsing through this website or contact us to learn more about the programs and activities we conduct, including but not limited to problems such as depression and low self-esteem. Just dial the provided phone number or send us an email for more information.



Am Me, Inc offers self-esteem seminars to women all over the country. The aim of these seminars is to bring more confidence and joy to women through teaching life skills in a fun and interactive way.




AM ME INC is a non-profit organization geared toward offering all women a means to help, educate, and connect with one another.

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Initiatives to EMPOWER with

trained adult staff and volunteers

Schedule services or support by Request or Appointment 

We want to give hope to the millions of young women who are suffering in silence as they watch beautiful, happy women become empowered in their careers and relationships.

AM ME INC™ is a platform that embodies awareness, motivation, inspiration, and entertainment, empowering women to more consciously choose their life path.



A vision is to raise self-esteem for women, victims of domestic violence, abuse, and depression our referral groups of women will empower you for success in any endeavor.

Spiritual Guidance and Information 

Leading the environment for women to heal from the inside out. We are fighting for a world where no woman is abused and lives an empowering lifestyle daily. 

You are the Motivation- Become the Speaker of your STORY

Violence Intervention

Information, education, and referral

We aim at providing all the tools and help you need to succeed however, we know that our reach can only go so far so we have a Rolodex of contacts and resources that have partnered with AM ME to meet your needs. 


To empower women with a platform through which they are able to share their stories, triumphs, and issues. Through this platform, the idea is to proudly allow women from all races and cultures to express themselves without boundaries.

Mental health counseling

We inspire females to realize they are enough.

to prevent domestic violence through empowerment. AM ME will empower women through integrated solutions that will improve their quality of life and their families through Domestic Violence, Mental Health, and Self Esteem services.

AM ME wants to eradicate depression and domestic violence from young ladies and women in America. Our focus is on engaging, Educate, Empower and Encourage women and those in our communities to stop the silence ad start the healing. 

Navigation of systems and Resources

To assist women in removing that stigma and encourage women to believe in themselves and conquer their fears. We want them to know they can do anything they desire.