Lachelle Evans-Beard is an Advocate and Survivor of Domestic Violence. The Highest God gave Lachelle the vision to create, start and build Am Me, Inc. On March 6, 2018, the concept came to life, and Am Me; Inc was publicly launched. She is an Amazon bestselling coauthor of "As The Wind Blows," author of "Breakthrough Still I Rise," and "Empowering Your Inner Self." Lachelle is the CEO, and Executive Director of her non-profit Am Me, Inc. Her ultimate goal is to empower women and girls in becoming healthier, more productive members of the community. Am Me, Inc is engineered to encourage many women to break their silence and stop the violence. Lachelle supports women of all ages and nationalities who struggle with depression, low self-esteem, and more. It is imperative to Lachelle to empower women and girls to realize their self-worth.

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Lachelle is a phenomenal wife and helpmate to her husband Nathaniel (Nate), mother of four awesome young adults, Glam-Mother of six, and care assistant to her beautiful mother. With over twenty years of customer service experience, Lachelle currently works as a Customer Service Representative for Chicago Transit Authority (CTA). Lachelle is also a proud member of Sigma Beta Xi Sorority, Inc and serves as President and Dean of Pledges for Alpha Zeta Chapter in the Chicago (North) Chapter. Growing up in the church and developing a strong love for GOD, she is a faithful servant for his people. Lachelle believes in not only loving herself first by forgiving herself but in loving others with the same heart and compassion, as found in the scripture Matthew 22:39. Lachelle loves expressing and showing to others how beautiful and blessed they truly are. She has a passion for helping others with her big golden smile. Lachelle also enjoys cooking, shopping, traveling, and trying new things.

To further inspire our beneficiaries, our founder also co-wrote a book entitled "As the Wind Blows." Chapter 1, "The Reason Behind My Smile," of this book is Lachelle's inspiring testimony and life journey. Lachelle's second book, "Breakthrough Still I Rise" teaches you to stop for a moment and take a deep breath. You are not alone, and God knows exactly how you feel.

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