$4.00 For 4 Years
2022 AM ME INC Initiative 

AM ME INC kicked off the month of March with Women's History Month and celebrated 4 years of nonprofit excellence providing women and young girls how to ambitiously motivate mental empowerment for those who have been affected by domestic violence, but come out survivors.   

For the last four years AM ME INC has been partnering with companies and people that are invested in making the mission of AM ME a reality. Our 2022 initiative is our largest goal ever and will surely be a staple and worldwide authority on serving women and young girls mental empowerment.  

Thank you in advance for your contributions and donations to help us further our mission and goals. 


As we move into the remainder of the year, join us in accomplishing AM ME INC's mission and values through empowerment for young women and girls affected by domestic violence. 

All donations are tax write-offs and will directly help women and young girls affected by Domestic Violence. 

Why "Her Safe Place"

Because a Woman's Past
Is Not Her Now

Support AM ME INC all 2022

with our 4 Year Anniversary Initiative 

$4 For 4 years Campaign

Your donation moves us closer to our mission and our goals donate today to help women build their confidence and mindset after domestic violence so they are bold, unapologetic, and living confidently.